Charms Braclet

  • Charms Bracelet Fun and funky, the 1960's came in with a roar. Think of the mini skirt, tight sweaters, knee high boots and of course the Beatles. Mary Quant was designing our clothes, Vidal Sassoon was designing our hair and Biba, the fabulous store on Kensington High Street, London was the place to be seen. Love was free and the world was a fun place to be. The pendant was popular, and so was the charms bracelet.

  • The Charming 60s 1960s jewelry was bold and made to be seen. The fashion for delicate and filigree was forgotten. People wanted to experiment and that meant using different kinds of materials for making their beloved charms bracelets. Conventional materials, such as gold and silver were forgotten, and plastic and bakelite were 'in' with a vengeance. Jewelry makers were happy to use these new materials. They were cheaper to source and meant that designs could be bolder, brighter and cheaper to make. Charms bracelets were now available to everyone and were cheap enough to be bought to wear for every day use.

  • The Vintage 60s Anything to do with the 60s can now be described as vintage and the charms bracelet can be sourced from antiques stores, collectors market and specialist vintage jewelry sellers. You can now buy individual charms for your own bracelet or a complete charms bracelet. The charms, as ever, reflect the lives of the individuals who first purchased them, so it's likely they will be charms depicting space rockets, music, cars and motor scooters. The 60s provided an eclectic mix of fashion icons, so it's likely that you will be able to find charms that depict this era.


Bakelite Charms Bracelet With the use of various different materials to construct jewelry, phenol formaldehyde or 'Bakelite' as it was known was one the materials that was used. It was also used in the construction of telephones, radios or wireless and was the first synthetic plastic to be invented. It was used extensively in jewelry design and meant that distinctive color combinations could be used, the brighter the better. There were a number of different designs of bracelet on the market. Solid bangles could be bought but link bracelets in Bakelite were also made available. They were often carved in various designs and different colors of Bakelite were used in the same design. This meant that the geometric pattern could be used not only in clothes but also in jewelry design.

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